dallas portrait photo.jpg

Dallas Dotson is founder and director of Lakeable. Her vision has led Lakeable through this successful journey. From the beginning Lakeable has focused on being pure. Dallas has created a perfume from the purist of essential oils available. She believes the perfect scent is best achieved when you keep all chemicals & additives out of the mix. Wearers of Lakeable can be forever confident their bottle will only hold the things they need and nothing of what they do not.

We then take Lakeable's purist ideals one step further. Every person you see in our marketing is a client first. Dallas defines Lakeable as being real. Therefor the faces of Lakeable represent real women, living real lives.  Their backgrounds are rarely modeling, and vary from stay-at-home moms, to nurses, to entrepreneurs.  The one commonality is they all first chose to pick up a bottle of Lakeable. This personal tie to our product is what Dallas enjoys most, and you never know who she will call on for the next photo shoot... perhaps it could be you.